So I decided to use this to keep a record for myself, or for anybody that's interested, that has stuff that needs to be fixed regarding catagories.

Pages should be removed from catagory NPCs (reason):

  • Sans (fightable)
  • Flowey (fightabe)
  • Happsatblook (fightable)
  • Toriel (fightable)
  • Frisk (Undertale Wiki has Chara simply listed as "Main Character")
  • Burgerpants (is a Vendor)
  • Aaron (fightable)
  • Fliyn (fightable)
  • Greater Dog (fightable)
  • Grillby (fightable)
  • Shyren (fightable)
  • IBGYFM (fightable)

Pages should be added to catogory NPCs that do not yet exist:

  • -UnderswapSnowdin- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
  • -Underswap Waterfall- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
  • -Underswap Hotland- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
  • Although these should probably be waited on until Team Switched's Underswap game comes out.

We have two locations pages! One name "Location" and one named "Locations". Location is actually more complete, so Locations is the one that should be deleted, although since catagories are in plural, Location should probably be renamed to "Locations" after the current Locations is deleted.

Pages that should be removed from catagory Vendors (reason):

  • Grill Sale Counter (location)
  • Muffet (is NPC)

​This is all I have for now. With luck, I hope to have privilages to fix this stuff soon, or, if not, its here so someone else can do it. I just don't want to have to force someone to take care of this stuff.


Oh great, we have two catagories for Vendors now! Nice! It would be abosolutely amazing if the one named "Vendor" disappeared. Seriously.

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