• Beep's B

    Catagory Problems

    March 8, 2017 by Beep's B

    So I decided to use this to keep a record for myself, or for anybody that's interested, that has stuff that needs to be fixed regarding catagories.

    Pages should be removed from catagory NPCs (reason):

    • Sans (fightable)
    • Flowey (fightabe)
    • Happsatblook (fightable)
    • Toriel (fightable)
    • Frisk (Undertale Wiki has Chara simply listed as "Main Character")
    • Burgerpants (is a Vendor)
    • Aaron (fightable)
    • Fliyn (fightable)
    • Greater Dog (fightable)
    • Grillby (fightable)
    • Shyren (fightable)
    • IBGYFM (fightable)

    Pages should be added to catogory NPCs that do not yet exist:

    • -UnderswapSnowdin- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
    • -Underswap Waterfall- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
    • -Underswap Hotland- NPCs (a page to hold those people)
    • Although these should probably be waited on untiā€¦
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