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As the game is in development, this information may become inaccurate over time.

Bob (Temmie) The Builder

hOi!!! Temmie wOrkin on dis ARTICLE yaYA!!!

Tem sorry for inconvenience!

Temmie is the first major character the protagonist encounters in Underswap. They are the main antagonist of the game, and are the final boss of the Neutral Route.



They are similar to a normal Temmie. It is unclear whether they will be a plush doll or a normal Temmie


Whether they act like an idiot and drop the act, or they are exactly like Flowey is uncertain.

Main Story

They have the same role as Flowey in the Ruined Home start.

Neutral Route

After the Ruins, Temmie will be seemingly absent until the end of Toriel's battle. However, backtracking in some rooms allows the protagonist see Temmie burrowing back into the ground on the edge of the screen.

If the protagonist decides to kill Toriel, Temmie appears, destroys Toriel's SOUL, and absorbs the six bottled human SOULs. If the protagonist spares Toriel, Temmie appears and kills Toriel himself. Then, the game crashes and Temmie's battle begins after opening the game again.

After he is defeated, the protagonist has the chance to spare or kill Temmie. Temmie requires the protagonist to offer him mercy multiple times before he flees, unsure why the protagonist is being nice to him.

If the protagonist loads or finishes another Neutral Route, Temmie does not absorb the SOULs because he knows that they would rebel again. Instead, the protagonist will be able to exit the room and receive Papyrus's Neutral Route phone call.

If spared after his battle, Temmie advises the protagonist during subsequent Neutral Routes. If the protagonist gained EXP before his battle, he asks the protagonist to prove his philosophy wrong, as he thinks it may be meaningless. Temmie also offers unique dialogue if the protagonist only killed Toriel and tells the protagonist that they wasted everyone's time. If the protagonist earned no EXP, yet they have not met all the requirements for the True Pacifist Route, he mentions that the protagonist should get closer to one of the main characters, depending on who they previously befriended.

The protagonist can then recover their previous SAVE file and follow his advice.

If the protagonist kills Temmie, he recognizes that the protagonist can kill before becoming "just a useless dust."

If he was killed after his battle, Temmie does not leave a message for the protagonist after the credits close, and, after a reset, does not appear until after the resolution of Toriel's battle. Temmie then berates the protagonist for thinking that killing him solved anything.He explains that he was brought back when the protagonist loaded their SAVE file and that they still cannot achieve their happy ending.

If the protagonist nearly completes a Genocide Route but resets after killing Alphys The Alpha, Temmie becomes upset with the protagonist. However, he then proclaims that the protagonist just wanted to see everything in the Underground and will eventually return to their malicious ways

True Pacifist Route

— Phone call in the True Lab's elevator
Thanks to you, everything has fallen into place.  <Name>...  See you soon.

In the True Lab, the protagonist discovers that the first human and Monster Kid had worked together on a plan to get to the Surface and retrieve six human SOULs. While the human was on their deathbed, Monster Kid informed them he did not think it was a good plan anymore; ultimately, this leads to him betraying his sibling and aborting their plan.

After restoring the elevator's power, the protagonist receives a phone call from someone whose voice they have never heard before; the sound bite is similar to Monster Kid's.

After Temmie absorbs all monster SOULs and the six human SOULs, he transforms into Monster Kid.

Monster Kid greets the protagonist as <Name> before he transforms into "MONSTER KID DREEMURR, God of Hyperdeath." He informs the protagonist that he does not care about destroying the world anymore, and instead just wants to reset the timeline so that everything unfolds again from the beginning. Monster Kid believes that the protagonist will continue even if he resets the timeline because they want a "happy" ending.

He then says that his first form is just a fraction of his real power and transforms into his final form. Monster Kid reasserts that the protagonist will die in a world where nobody remembers them as their physical body fails them

The protagonist calls to the Lost Souls inside of Monster Kid's SOUL and reminds them that they are friends with the protagonist. After all Lost Souls regain their memories, the protagonist realizes that someone else needs saving. The protagonist calls their name, and a few sepia tone pictures display. The pictures are of Monster Kid and his sibling together when the human first fell into the Underground.

Monster Kid begins crying and reverts to his original form. After finding out that the protagonist's name is "Chara" Asriel tells them that the monsters really love them and apologizes for his actions. He then breaks the barrier.

He tells Chara that he has to go; Chara has the option to hug Monster Kid and comfort him before he leaves. As he walks away, Monster Kid tells Chara to take care of his parents for him.


Monster Kid is at the flowerbed in the Ruins. Chara only encounters him immediately after his boss fight; if the player watches the True Pacifist Ending Credits and reloads the game, Monster Kid does not appear. Monster Kid speaks extensively to Chara and offers them a different philosophy than his flower counterpart: "Don't kill, and don't be killed." He also mentions to be careful on the Surface because "there are a lot of Floweys out there.

Genocide Route

After the protagonist kills Asgore, Temmie tells them that they are not really human, and mistakes them for the first child, telling them that they are still inseparable after all those years.

When the protagonist reaches New Home, Temmie welcomes them and discusses his backstory as a temmie and how he discovered his ability to SAVE. Near the end of his dialogue, he realizes that the protagonist will not hesitate to kill him, and he is frightened for his life. He rescinds his previous plans with the protagonist and tells them to leave him alone.

After the protagonist defeats Papyrus, they easily kill Toriel. Temmie destroys Toriel's SOUL and pledges himself to the protagonist one final time in an attempt to save his own life, revealing his true identity as Monster Kid in the process. He cries and begs the protagonist not to kill him, to no avail, But Fails and Gets Killed By The Protagonist and Frisk Appears

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