Welcome to the Underswap Wiki!  Before you edit an article, it is best to read the rules first before you start as you may break one of the rules. If you are just going to check out the articles for more info, the articles have some reliable sources. If something is wrong, please note that the Wiki is a W.I.P.

Editing Rules

When Editing an Article

Articles on this Wiki are important. Were else can we find more info?

  • Do not vandalize, people cant read articles and you will get blocked, the time depending on how many articles you have vandalized.
  • Do not write any swear words in articles! Adults arent the only ones reading this!
  • Do not put false info! Youll be literally feeding people bad info!
  • Do not write whatever you want! Use sources such as the Undertale Wiki. No need to credit since they said its okay.

When Creating an Article

NOTICE: We currently do not need anymore articles on characters until more info for minor characters are given. Thank you!

  • Do not create an article for an OC. This wiki focuses on canon.
  • Do not create a Non-Canon article.
  • Try to use an infobox and use only necessary categories.

When Posting on Comments/Forum

  • Again, please dont swear.
  • Please be respectful of others! Just because someone doesn't agree with you does NOT mean you can be rude to them.
  • Your opinion is allowed. If youre not sure if you want to include something, talk about it and maybe it even makes sense!

When Chatting in Chat

  • Like always, dont swear.
  • Do not spam in general.
  • Do not be rude and harrass others just because other people arent there! Chat Moderators may be on one day and ban you from chat!

Staff Rules

  • Block people who vandalize/are rude to others. Dont block someone just because you dont like them.
  • Do not abuse your rights by vandalizing articles only stadf can edit. You were given staff because you were trusted!
  • If you can, do not give out roles such as "admin" or "bureacrat" to random users. If they would like to be a staff member, then they should go to 1WikiConstructionTemmie1

for an application. For more info, visit: Staff Members

Contacting Staff

  • If you see anyone breaking the rules, please contact an admin HERE or HERE. They are active everyday and are happy to help with any problems. If they are not available, which they should be, go through the list of Staff Members to find someone to contact.

Admins to Contact

Wiki Temmie

  • Wiki Temmie is very active, being on the site everyday. (Recommended)


  • He's sometimes active.


  • She can negotiate through problems.
  • Active

Breaking The Rules

If you break the rules, you will get a warning. If you break the rules a certain amount of times, you will get blocked. If you are a staff and you get break them, you get your privileges taken away.

  • Three warnings: you get blocked for 3 days.
  • Six Warnings: You get blocked for a week.
  • Ten Warnings: You get blocked for a month.
  • Anything Higher Than Ten: A Year.

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