Papyrus is the older brother of Sans. He is an important support in the Neutral Route and True Pacifist Route, as well as the final boss of the Genocide Route.



His old design consists of wearing a white hooded jacket with a red sleeves,hoodie with blue shorts.He also wears red sneakers. His new design is mostly like his original design but a tanner jacket ands red gloves. It's not yet known if his entire battle body is under the jacket.Papyrus does not smoke in Team Switched's Underswap. His original design's cigarette was replaced with a lollipop, it was inspired by this video,beginning as a joke but then becoming part of the goofy skeleton's character.


Papyrus mostly acts like's his original undertale counterpart,Though he's mostly into practical jokes instead of puns.


It is unknown if Papyrus has the same moveset as undertale's Sans.



In Battle


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