Bob (Temmie) The Builder

hOi!!! Temmie wOrkin on dis ARTICLE yaYA!!!

Tem sorry for inconvenience!

"Did you know what they said? I heard they hated Grilled food. I heard that they like to spit it out, as soon as they put the food in their mouth. I heard... That they REALLY do not care about our funds!" -Grillby 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  In Underswap Grillby switches roles with Muffet. He can be found in Coldsea (and is also a boss). He is first seen at the Grill Sale Counter in Coldsea and then you have to fight him sometime later in Underswap.

Main Story

Neutral Route

At a certain time after dodging Grillby's attacks during his battle with the protagonist, he will get a telegram saying how your actions were in the Ruins. The contents of the telegram depends on the protagonist's actions. If the protagonist's actions have been good, then he will spare you. If you eat a product of his at any time in the battle he will immediately spare you.

Genocide Route

During the Genocide route, Grillby, just like Undertale Muffet during Genocide, can be killed instantly. If not instantly killed, he will give information about the current evacuation.


Underswap Grillby's is still made of flames like in Undertale. He wears hypno glasses and wears a blue and yellow suit with a pink bowtie. He holds a teapot during battle.



  • Grillby gives information about the current evacuation during the Genocide Route.

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