Flowey (more commonly said as Floe), is the Underswap version of Temmie. He is equal to Temmie, and rather than being evil, he talks in broken English along with the other Floes, except for Steve (known as "Tom" in this video), the flower that talks in perfect grammar and English. They live in Flowey Village.



Flowey is a flower with a white androecium and six yellow petals as well as a bright green stem. The Floe shopkeeper, who unlike most of the floweys, has a decorated pot with a ribbon on it.


Most of the floweys speak in broken English. Their personality is swapped with Temmie. However, Steve(or "Tom") speaks in perfect grammar, just like Bob the Floe, in Underswap.


  • If one idles long enough without taking any action against Floe or using any items, Floe's face will vibrate away from his main sprite. This resets if an attack begins.
  • One of the Floes is allergic to themselves.

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Floe shop

Hoidi underswap flowey pagedoll by canihaspie-da8nivp

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